Granny D

Villard/Random House: True story of the New Hampshire 90-year-old who walked 3,200 miles across America to find support for campaign finance reform in Congress—and the bill passed. 

The Translator

Random House: The harrowing true story of Daoud Hari, the Darfur tribesman whose courage revealed the Darfur Genocide to the world. 

Law Man

Crown/Random House: A five-time bank robber finds his true calling in federal prison: jailhouse lawyer. Upon leaving prison, he goes to law school and now teaches law at Georgetown. The ultimate American redemption story, and it's true. 

Thousand Hills to Heaven

Little Brown: New York City newlyweds Josh and Alissa head to Rwanda after the genocide to help make a difference. They help transform a nation. 

Granny D's American Century

UPNE: A follow-up to Doris Haddock's first memoir, recounting her adventures shaking up U.S. politics. 

Into the Fire

Random House: Dakota Meyer's remarkable story of heroism in Afghanistan. (rewrite)

Black Wave

A Southern California family's true adventure sailing across two oceans—until a midnight crash into a dark reef turns their holiday into a remarkable story of survival. 

Burke was the principal writer on books listed here, with the exception of "Into the Fire," which was a substantial rewrite after new interviews. His story of the Sago Mine disaster was published in Men's Journal.  He is currently working with Jim Yong Kim of the World Bank, Rashad Robinson of Color Of Change and Deputy Minister Masood Azizi of Kabul on new books.  He recently completed a historical novel set in 1922 Los Angeles. 


Sago Mine in Men's Journal

Dennis Michael Burke is a writer and a political organizer associated with the passage of campaign finance laws and anti-gerrymandering initiatives. He is not to be confused with Dennis K. Burke, the former U.S. Attorney for Arizona.