Book Reviews


The Translator

"The Translator," has itself been translated into over 10 languages.

“The Translator may be the biggest small book of this year, or any year. In roughly 200 pages of simple, lucid prose, it lays open the Darfur genocide more intimately and powerfully than do a dozen books by journalists or academic experts.” 

–Washington Post

“A book of unusually humane power and astounding moral clarity.”

–Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“This is a book every American should read. . . . In the spirit of courage and a desire to protect his people, [Hari] has written an emotional yet gentle memoir.”

–Deseret Morning News

“Heart-stopping . . . a life-changing read.”

–Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Granny D

“I read Granny D’s book, Walking Across America in My Ninetieth Year, not once, but twice. It’s a very important book. I keep it next to Silent Spring on my bookshelf.”

–Pete Seeger

“Doris Haddock is a true patriot, and our nation has been blessed by her remarkable life. Her story will entertain, inform, and inspire people of all ages for generations to come.” 

–Jimmy Carter 

“A multilayered memoir, populist reform treatise, roadside nature field book, Whitmanesque treatment of America, and philosophical summation of a life well spent . . . a stunning portrait of the American soul.” 

–Library Journal

“A moving reminder of the power of the human will.” 

–Kirkus Reviews

Law Man

“Affecting…an unusual tale of punishment and redemption…The prose is clear and thoughtful, vividly illustrating the grim absurdity of life in prison, and most readers will root for Hopwood’s attempts to follow a different path.”

--Kirkus Reviews

“Stories of redemption are not exactly in short supply—even ones written by ex-cons are plentiful—but this one succeeds because it is simply told. Rather than load his story up with obvious spiritual themes and life-affirming messages, Hopwood tells us about his life as he lived it, the good stuff and the bad stuff, and allows us to derive our own messages from the story. The book will be different things to different readers: what is a story of personal triumph to one reader could be a story of “beating the system” to another. But either way, it keeps you reading. ––Booklist

Thousand Hills to Heaven

"Part memoir, part history lesson, part discourse on how to make a public health project work using business standards, the story of Ruxin's life in Rwanda is riveting and inspirational.... ultimately revealing the healing power of forgiveness and hope." -- Publishers Weekly

"The upbeat story of an American couple raising their three children in Rwanda and making a huge difference in the lives of thousands.... A personal adventure tale with a serious message for those concerned with eradicating poverty." -- Kirkus

"Read this terrific book and you'll be filled with ideas of how you too can help to change the world." -- Jeffrey D. Sachs, director, The Earth Institute at Columbia University, author of To Move the World

"Heart-wrenching. Heart-warming. Poignant. Inspirational. Written with uncommon empathy and deftly turned phrases, full of entrepreneurial idealism tempered by hard-boiled common sense, and told with a modesty worthy of Mother Teresa and a page-turning suspense reminiscent of Stieg Larsson, A Thousand Hills to Heaven may well be the most meaningful book you read this year." -- Steven Raichlen, author of Planet Barbecueand host of Primal Grillon PBS

"This breezy memoir traces a wide-eyed do-gooder American duo from their naïve arrival to Rwanda, across years of work and lessons learned with the poor, concluding with a boutique bed-and-breakfast called Heaven. Wild ride." -- Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations

“It's a moving, extraordinary journey that's worth sharing with your friends and your family." -- Larry King, host of Larry King Now